World’s Fastest Neurosurgeon is the first-hand story of Dr. Jim Lowe and his personal journey on a 170-mph path less traveled in pursuit of sports car racing glory.

More than simply a book about striving for motorsports success, however, World’s Fastest Neurosurgeon provides the reader with a multifaceted tale that touches on several universal and familiar human traits and motivations. This is one man’s story of perseverance, life balance, goal attainment and good old fashion chasing your dreams, both in the operating room as a leading Neurosurgeon and on the high-speed straights and turns of North America’s top race circuits.

A familiar tale to all who have faced challenging odds in pursuit of greatness, Dr. Lowe gives readers a look at the demands of top-tier, modern-day sports car road racing and the complexities of balancing his need for speed with his successful surgical career and family life. Readers will be able to take a look at their own lives while delving into this engaging tale of challenge, failure, success and redemption, very likely ending up with some of their own conclusions and personal insights.

The fact that Dr. Lowe writes about the various aspects of his life and careers in an open and unreserved manor makes World’s Fastest Neurosurgeon and entirely honest and refreshing read. Easy-flowing yet at times gripping glimpses into every aspect of Dr. Lowe’s life keep the reader totally engaged. In World’s Fastest Neurosurgeon, the tireless, personable and multi-talented Dr. Lowe delivers a meaningful and moving story that readers will long remember as a manual for living life to the fullest.